Yesterday I added the Dynmap-3.1-beta4 plugin to the server. This is the first version of Dynmap to support Minecraft and PaperMC 1.16.3.

This plugin allows you to generate a map of the world in mutliple views. Here are a few maps of the main area around our spawn point to illustrate:

Flat View:

This shows the village we spawned near, some of the player houses, and the area in the south east near the ocean.

Surface View

This is a zoom in of the original tower I made, as well as the “house” constructed afterwards, which includes an Iron farm.

Dynmap takes quite a while to render, and has been running constantly since it was loaded. It is taking up quite a bit of CPU and drive space. CPU has been averaging around 40-60% usage on both cores, where previously it would stay below 20% unless there were a lot of users on.

Hard drive space for Dynmap in the plugins directory is where the rendered map information is stored, and it is already at 1.9GB. I believe this is growing so quickly, that I will exclude it from the backup, as it isn’t critical.

Overall the players seem happy with the plugin, as it helps a bit with finding your way, and knowing a bit more about what is out there, without spoiling the fun of exploration. There is also the option to chat via the web client, however since Dynmap doesn’t have any authentication by default, I’ve disabled this.

If interested, you can check out our world map here. Note that this link will only work while the Minecraft server is online.


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