LinuxTek is currently running a Minecraft server network as part of our online community.


  • If you are interested in participating in the community, please join the Discord at this link, and provide the information requested in the #welcome-roles channel. Please also read the #rules-and-regulations channel for information on how to behave when participating in the community.
  • If you are interested in playing on the Minecraft servers long term, please note that a monthly Patreon donation of at least $5/month is requested (but not required) to help offset server costs.

Vanilla Minecraft

We are keeping a Vanilla Minecraft server updated to the latest stable version.

Currently we are on 1.19 “The Wild”. See this article for more details.

Whitelist is enabled, and PVP is disabled on this server. You will need to be added to the whitelist to be able to play on the server. Please ask one of the admins on Discord once you join, and provide your Minecraft username.

Pending Mods:

  • Coreprotect is installed to reduce griefing, and allow admins to deal with damage or thievery.
  • DynMap is installed to give the players a detailed map of the world. It is available to view at this link.
  • Graves is installed to reduce the inconvenience when dying. Instead of the items spreading out and possibly getting destroyed in lava, a gravestone will be placed for up to 3 hours, to allow more time to retrieve your items before they despawn.
  • Sleep-Most is installed so only one player on the server needs to sleep in a bed to switch to daytime. Previously, it was necessary for all active players to sleep at the same time, in order to pass the night quickly.

Server Rules

1) Keep things civil (basically, don’t be an asshole).
2) No personal attacks. Keep things respectable.
3) This is a Minecraft server. Keep religion, politics, and other divisive topics elsewhere.
4) Feel free to ask for help or advice, or to give your opinion on any topic of discussion.
5) Try to keep conversations in the appropriate channels, i.e. please don’t shitpost in #general-chat or spam memes in #techy-stuff.
6) Have fun!