• AWS Cloud Bootcamp with Andrew Brown (ongoing) – February 2023
    • Developing social media example application on AWS
    • Locally developing application in Cloud Development Environment
    • React JS, Python, SQL, NoSQL, AWS
    • Github Project Page
    • Companion Articles
  • Serverless Malware URL Checker Project – July 2022
    • Submit URLs to add or check if they are on a malware site blacklist using an API
    • Deploy using Terraform
    • Uses AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB
    • Lambda functions written in Python using Boto 3
    • Github Project Page
    • Companion Article
  • Minecraft Ansible Automated Installation – January 2022
    • Ansible scripts to fully install Minecraft Java Edition on Linux
    • Options to install a Vanilla server or Valhelsia modded server
    • Uses Roles and Preinstall/Postinstall Tasks
    • Github Project Page
    • Companion Article


Jason Paul – Resume – March 2023


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