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I’m excited to be part of Andrew Brown’s Free AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp which starts on February 11, 2023. I was fortunate enough to be accepted before enrollments closed. I will be doing quite a few articles over the next few weeks based on the projects and work from this bootcamp, and wanted to share some of the resources for the other members of the bootcamp, to make it easier to find.

I’ve set up this Github Repo to store my project code.

What is the AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp?

The AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp is a free comprehensive 12-week training program that aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to sucessfully design, build, and implement a cloud project. Through hands-on experience, participants will learn how to apply their cloud expertise in a practical setting and showcase their abilities to potential employers or organizations

Why Bootcamp?

While I’ve been working with AWS for a few years now, I don’t have any certifications under my belt (yet). I felt this would be a good opportunity to get some more hands on experience building things in the cloud, and prepare for passing some of the AWS certifications. Doing a bootcamp helps focus this effort, and the commitment to attending and working on the projects will keep me accountable to keep learning. There is also a grading rubric and digital badge that will be assigned based on effort, so it might get a little competitive!

From a networking perspective, it’s also a nice opportunity to connect with others in the AWS tech space, as there are 10,000 people registered, and I’m sure attention will spike as other members start talking about their projects.

When Bootcamp?

The sessions will be held each week on Zoom, with live classes on Saturdays from 12PM-2PM EST. The first session is on February 11, 2023. There will be homework for each week, which can take 2-10 hours to complete. There will also be office hours which are 1 hours long, as well as discussion in the appropriate week Discord channel:

Where Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is 100% virtual, and the classroom sessions will be taking place over Zoom. Currently there is a 100 person limit for the live sessions, but they will be recorded and available to watch afterwards to go along with the homework.

Most of the conversation is happening on the Discord, so if you are part of the Bootcamp, reach out to get a current link to be invited.

There is also a Micro Learning Management System being developed to track questions and homework completion. More on that as it becomes available.

Bootcamp Donations or Sponsorship

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring the Bootcamp, there is a document up with more details here. Support is appreciated to help pay instructors, cover costs, administrative services, and other incentives for students.

A number of students have asked for a GoFundMe to be set up so we can donate to the Bootcamp, and I will add the link here if it becomes available.

Other Resources

  • The main site for the Bootcamp is at The website has a pretty amazing design – it reminds me of my first Geocities page!
  • There is a Discord server up for the Bootcamp. There is no permanent link (they expire every 7 days), so if you need access, reach out for an updated link. Any member of the program should be able to send you an invite.
  • Andrew has also created a Subreddit at /r/cloudprojectbootcamp to facilitate discussions.
  • There is an FAQ document on the Google Docs site for the Bootcamp. I would definitely recommend all students to read through it.
  • Reddit thread on /r/aws about the bootcamp.
  • The AWS Ontario Virtual User Group is also being used to help organize this event, and it is requested to join on Meetup if possible.
  • Youtube video updates for the Bootcamp are being posted on the ExamPro channel here.

Updates – Feb 5

  • The Student Portal is now open to start adding information to your profile.
  • New information is posted in the FAQ document regarding the required domain name for the bootcamp.
  • A new video has been posted with updates for February 5th.
  • There is an ICS file available that you can use to add calendar reminders for each of the bootcamp sessions.


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